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Production Machining

CMM is built on a wide range of machining capabilities: from high-production machining using specialized and custom-made machines to one-off prototype machining. Our customer base services automotive drivetrain parts, diesel engine components, industrial air handling components, truck chassis components, and blasting for quarry and strip mining. Because of this exposure, CMM understands the requirements for quality, JIT deliveries, flexible manufacturing, raw material scheduling, and inventory management.

CMM is registered to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System. This system is the starting point for our manufacturing processing and is prevalent throughout our operations: from incoming materials verification, in-process inspections, and to final dock audits. We have measuring equipment certified to NIST standards and we maintain a QC lab outfitted with tooling and a coordinate measuring machine to handle the most demanding inspection requirements.

CMM has been serving customers’ machining needs for over forty years. Equipment and machinery lists are available for review.